Prepared for Disaster: Strategies for Mission-Critical Environments

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Data centers need strategies to prepare for disasters, both natural and manmade. A solid disaster management plan can save your business. 


Is your mission-critical organization prepared for disaster? Weather-related natural disasters are impacting businesses across the country. Seasonal storm cycles are growing longer across the south and mid-west, while the west is under increasing threat from forest fires. Beyond mother nature, cyberattacks and blackouts pose a very real threat to data centers where 100% uptime is expected. Whether the disaster is natural or manmade, having a solid disaster management plan can save the life of your business.

This paper outlines strategies for conducting a risk assessment for your mission critical environment. To prepare for disaster, you need to know what could happen – both the primary and the secondary impacts of the catastrophe. For example, once the flood waters recede, what long-term impacts could there be on transportation or mission-critical staff?

Stream Data Centers also provide best practices for drafting your company’s disaster plan. Key areas to consider are prevention, identification, response, and restoration. The authors also explore the importance of practicing the plan and ensuring that data center clients work together to integrate their business continuity plans.