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Minneapolis data center markets

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Tax incentives and relatively low electricity costs are just two of the factors driving growth in the Minneapolis data center market. A new white paper from Stream Data Centers outlines 5 reasons why data center providers should consider the Minneapolis market.


Minneapolis is more than the home of the late Artist Formerly Known as Prince. In recent years, financial and healthcare enterprises, as well as cloud hyperscalers, have turned the midwestern city into a hot data center market. A new white paper from Stream Data Centers outlines 5 of the top growth drivers for the firstborn of the Twin Cities.

The paper outlines how savings achieved from sales tax exemptions are leading data center providers to build or refurbish facilities in the city. The author compares the tax incentives to other markets, showing that Minneapolis is in the top three. Another factor making Minneapolis a key data center market is connectivity – the city has invested significantly in its broadband infrastructure in recent years.

Other key growth drivers discussed include financial incentives and regulatory policies around the use of renewable energy, the relatively low cost of power as compared to other markets, and the general business environment found in the Minneapolis metro area. The authors also highlight how Stream’s Minneapolis data center has benefitted from being in this hot market.