The State of Data Center Cooling


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In this video, DCF’s Rich Miller and TMGcore’s JD Enright discuss data center cooling, including changes in liquid cooling technology.


The type of infrastructure that data centers support today is different from a few years ago. Density levels are higher, AI and other cognitive processes require more power, and our world is generating exponentially more data than in years past. These factors are driving data center leaders to adopt a redesign mentality, especially when it comes to data center cooling. The challenge for many in this industry is how to leverage density and space more effectively while still being able to scale critical resources. Liquid cooling adoption is helping to overcome these challenges.

Liquid cooling has been around since the 1970s, when it was used within mainframe systems. Once seen as something that just added complexity to data center design, it is now becoming a mainstream practice for data centers looking to modernize.

In this webinar, you will learn what organizations are doing around their cooling profile, including how they’re integrating liquid cooling. Miller and Enright explore real-world case studies and talk about how much liquid cooling has evolved over the past few years. The discussion will include a deep dive on:

  • Key trends that will impact your cooling profile
  • Design techniques for efficient cooling
  • What are facts and what are myths with regards to liquid cooling
  • Consideration for edge and modular data centers
  • Tips for those considering a deployment of liquid cooling

The video includes a question and answer session that was recorded during the live webinar.

Featured speakers include:

Rich Miller, Editor-in-Chief, Data Center Frontier

Data center cooling

John-David Enright, the CEO of TMGcore.

This video, recorded in February of 2022, is a part of Data Center Frontier’s webinar series featuring industry experts discussing a variety of topics relevant to the future of data centers and cloud computing. Look for more great premium video content from Data Center Frontier, as we continue to focus on what’s next for the internet, and the innovations that will take us there​​.