Green Data Centers: The Sustainability Imperative


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Rich Miller and Iron Mountain executives explore the greening of the data center industry and the sustainability imperative.


The need for action on climate change has never been as urgent. Wildfires are rampant across Western states and the number of record setting hurricanes along the Gulf and Eastern coasts of the U.S. continue to climb. The data center industry has been a force for positive change on climate action over the past decade, with cloud computing platforms pioneering advances in sustainable operations and corporate adoption of renewable energy. This impact will be amplified in coming years as more businesses abandon carbon heavy on-premises data centers and migrate to greener infrastructure operated by cloud platforms and colocation facilities. Green data centers are now a sustainability imperative.

In this webinar, Rich Miller and Iron Mountain executives Kevin Hagen and Alex Sharp explore the greening of the data center industry. This is an opportunity to explore how the data center industry is in a unique position to accelerate the adoption of green data centers and sustainable practices — and reduce the damage to the planet’s climate. You will gain the following insights on the sustainability imperative for innovating and energy efficient data centers:

  • We will examine the role of green data centers as a catalyst for action on climate change
  • Look into specific strategies that are reducing carbon impact
  • Share advice on the best ways to embrace the sustainability imperative going forward

The video includes a question and answer session that was recorded during the live webinar.

Featured speakers include:

Rich Miller, Editor-in-Chief, Data Center Frontier


Kevin Hagen, Vice President Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Strategy at Iron Mountain


Alex Sharp, Global Head of Design and Construction at Iron Mountain

This video, recorded in February of 2021, is a part of Data Center Frontier’s webinar series featuring industry experts discussing a variety of topics relevant to the future of data centers and cloud computing. Look for more great premium video content from Data Center Frontier, as we continue to focus on what’s next for the internet, and the innovations that will take us there​​.