Ecosystems & the Edge: Where the Data Center Becomes a Transactional Marketplace


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Rich Miller discusses ecosystems, the edge, and the future of data centers with Mark Lewis and Alex Sharp of Iron Mountain.


As businesses all over the world move their core processes online, most are utilizing a hybrid mix of cloud infrastructure and owned compute in data centers. The most effective and attractive data center platforms in this new world will involve an API-driven value chain that also provides opportunities for businesses to create new ecosystems that will generate new revenue. Ecosystems the edge can transform small data centers into full-fledged service providers while also fueling digital transformation.

In this webinar, Data Center Frontier’s Edit0r-in-Chief Rich Miller discusses ecosystems, the edge, and the future of data centers with Mark Lewis, Senior Director, Ecosystem Development and Alex Sharp, Global Head of Design & Construction, both of Iron Mountain.

in this video, you will learn how rich data center ecosystems, combined with an edge proposition, create unique business opportunities. Rich and the Iron mountain executives will do a deep dive on:

  • A new breed of data transactions that drives the edge business model forward.
  • A multi-tiered edge architecture that provides a global end-to-end solution.
  • Why ecosystem driven data centers are key in providing the demand in the market.
  • The role that colocation and cloud play in the ecosystem and edge spectrum.

The video includes a question and answer session that was recorded during the live webinar.

Featured speakers include:

Rich Miller, Editor-in-Chief, Data Center Frontier

Mark Lewis, Senior Director Ecosystem Development, Iron Mountain

data center of the future

Alex Sharp, Global Head of Design and Construction at Iron Mountain

This video, recorded in October of 2021, is a part of Data Center Frontier’s webinar series featuring industry experts discussing a variety of topics relevant to the future of data centers and cloud computing. Look for more great premium video content from Data Center Frontier, as we continue to focus on what’s next for the internet, and the innovations that will take us there​​.